Hot desking provides thousands of London professionals with a flexible, affordable and often collaborative environment in which to work and network.

But where are the best places to hot desk in the Capital? Here at Splitrent, we set out to find out, and here are 10 of the top spaces:

1. We Work

One of the greatest things about We Work is that they operate hot desks across London. Hence, whether you are looking for a spacious, stylish and relaxed yet professional space in which to work in Aldgate, Holborn, London Fields or chancery Lane, We Work have the answer. Better yet, as well as hot desks, We Work also rent out dedicated desks and private offices.

2. Life

Looking for a hot desk or private office in Bermondsey? Work.Life have it covered.

Further to providing affordable, clean and well equipped co-working offices, Work.Life clients can also enjoy a host of perks including free food, drinks and some truly great deals on a whole host of London goings on making this company a great choice for those new to The Capital or young professionals and set ups just starting out.

3. The Trampery

Focussed on providing creative and exciting work spaces for predominantly young and artistic professionals, The Trampery have four separate office spaces which are situated in and around London’s East End.

So, if it is an energetic and diverse environment in architecturally stunning and inspiring surroundings you are looking to inhabit and draw from in Old Street, Tower Bridge, East India Dock or Hackney Wick, The Trampery is the place to turn.

4. Central Working

Another hot desking provider with spaces dotted across London, this time in Paddington, Bloomsbury, Farringdon, Shoreditch and The City, Central Working is one of the best known of and biggest co-working office and workspace providers in London.

One of the most refreshing realities enjoyed by Central Working clients is that this is a hot desk provider that began and continues to grow because they understand the need for flexible and ready to work in office spaces.

In summary, Central Working aren’t big on providing novelties and extras but do a superb job of creating professional working spaces equipped with everything you could need to get work done.

5. Campus London

Campus London provides the ideal working environment for those looking for more than simply a desk and reliable wifi.

A company with a strong community feel and members who join Campus in order to network as well as work, Campus London isn’t for everyone but for those new to The Capital or looking to broaden their contacts, this is one hot desking space that might just be for you.

6. Second Home

Second home is quite possibly one of the most beautifully designed co-working spaces in London.

Not just an office space, Second Home also operates from it East London premises a bustling restaurant that is open to the public as well as its members.

Having filled up fast though, getting a hot desk in this super trendy space can involve placing your name on a waiting list.

7. Tech Hub

Tech Hub’s aim is, in their own words, to ‘nurture an international network of like-minded and focused tech entrepreneurs, providing places where they can work, meet, collaborate, network, learn and have fun’.

The community at the Tech Hub really is an integral part of what this particular company have to offer their members which means, Tech Hub provides the perfect co-working space and environment for any new tech start ups trying to get ahead in The Capital.

8. Kensington Pavilion

A private business members’ club and office, Kensington Pavilion is as high end as its location.

Providing its members with everything from private office pod style spaces to hot desks, meeting rooms and operating its own penthouse bar and separate restaurant, this is a truly one of a kind co-working environment situated in London’s West End.

9. 90 Mainyard

Providing its diverse mix of members and companies with 24/7 access to all its resources and so enabling a supreme level of flexibility, 90 Mainyard also provides tea and coffee in its members’ kitchen and encourages its members to engage as a community.

The collaborative culture at 90 Mainyard is so strong members run a weekly bring & share breakfast scheme.

10. The Laundry

Last but not least, The Laundry is a truly unique working space that definitely will not appeal to those looking for nothing more than a quiet desk and decent swivel chair.

That said, for those shuddering at the thought of being confined to a small desk space in a sterile atmosphere, The Laundry might just provide the perfect alternative – especially for professionals working in music and entertainment or creative industries.

The Laundry offer up their multipurpose office and music rooms to budding and up and coming musicians and those working in related spheres to provide creative types a co-working and creatively conducive and well equipped space, as well as to encourage collaboration between creative professionals working in The Capital.