In recent years vinyl records have made a massive come back, giving London’s struggling record stores a much needed boost, and ensuring the best stay in business. And here is a lo-down of 12 of the best to be aware of for those living in or visiting The Capital.

1. Soul Brother Records, Keswick Road, Putney

As the name hints, those entering the Soul Brother Records Shop in East Putney can expect to find exactly that; specialising in the purchase and sale of soul, funk and jazz records, Soul Brother Records also stages in store performances and gigs.

2. All Ages Records, Pratt Street, Camden

All Ages Records is a Camden based store that is fiercely independent and sells some pretty fierce records as well.

A punk record superstore, those who love old school hardcore won’t just love its selection but as well the store itself, and the raw atmosphere this place oozes.

3. Reckless Records, Berwick Street, Soho

Reckless Records sell booth Records and CDs and provide some of the best prices for those looking to sell or trade. So, to bag a deal or get a great price on those unplayed numbers in your collection. Alternatively, exchange your old CD collection and put the money towards buying some new LPs. Either way, Reckless Records is the place to do it.

4. Gramex, Lower Marsh, Lambeth

A stone’s throw from Waterloo Station is Gramex, predominantly a music store that deals in CDs, but which also stocks an albeit small but none the less note worthy assortment of LPs too

5. Harold Moore’s Records, Great Marlborough Street, Soho

Another record store worth dropping by whilst in Soho, Harold Moore’s is a treasure trove of hard to find LPs, CDs and as well DVDs. Then, even for those who do not take their vinyl collecting too seriously, this is one media store which is none the less well worth knowing about.

6. Out On The Floor, Inverness Street, Camden

The cornucopia of record stores in London, Out on The Floor is located in Camden and occupies three whole levels, making it somewhere serious and avid collectors can spend a day if not many rummaging through its genuinely impressive and extensive collection.

7. Sisterray, Berwick Street, Soho

With their website yet to get off the ground (unlike their massively popular Soho shop), you can contact the team at Sisterray Records via their Facebook page. And it is worth contacting them, or dropping by; for those looking for a specific record the Sisterray team are famed for getting back to their customers when possible and their Soho store is a trove for serious record collectors and music lovers.

8. Lucky Seven, Stoke Newington Church St, Stoke Newington

Lucky Seven holds a special place in the hearts of many and offers records at unrivalled prices, yet others despair at its lack of focus and broad range of non-specialist or ‘collector worthy’ selection. Give Lucky Seven a visit and decide for yourself.

9. Flashback Records, Islington, Crouch End and Shoreditch

Flashback Records have three London based stores: one in Islington, one in Crouch End and one in Shoreditch. Happy to buy and exchange records as well as providing a massive and diverse selection of LPs and 45s, any one of the three Flashback stores in London are a great place to head for those looking to trade vinyls as well as those looking to begin or add to a collection.

10. Honest Jon’s, Portobello Road, Notting Hill

Specialising in reggae, jazz, soul funk and rhythm sound, Honest Jon’s is one of London’s best known record stores and provides the perfect excuse to take a day out to visit Portobello Market, or escape from it for that matter.

11. Casbah Records, Creek Road, Greenwich

Certainly winning the award for the coolest named record store in London, Casbah Records is to be found in Creek Road in Greenwich and specialises in rock’n’roll girl groups, 60’s soul and has a great selection of garage psyche.

12. Brill, Exmouth Market, Islington

Brill is a café turned CD shop turned record store in Islington where customers can order a bagel, get a decent cup of fresh coffee and buy LPs all at once. A genius idea, considering coffee, healthy convenience foods and music are three things most Londoners and those living in The Capital buy, or at least desire to, every day.

Hence, when in Islington, this is a quirky, laid back and great place to stop by for some new music or even just a bite to eat.