When visiting London, you have an abundance of attractions you can visit in the expansive and vibrant city.

But perhaps you don’t fancy heading to the most popular tourist spots such as the London Eye and Buckingham Palace.

While great to visit, these attractions have enormous crowds, and can involve long queues and lots of waiting around. Or perhaps you have already visited the main attractions and you are just looking to explore the city further.

Here’s our five suggestions for fantastic places to visit if you’d like to pay a visit to some alternative attractions.

Take a street art tour

If you fancy an alternative to visiting a museum, you can explore the many amazing pieces of street art London has to offer.

Dotted around the streets are pieces by some renowned graffiti artists, and you can book a tour with Alternative London to visit them, as well as learn about the history of East London and graffiti culture. Some even include a workshop!

Alternative London offer both walking tours, and bike tours, if you’d prefer a pair of wheels.

Duck and Waffle

Fancy spectacular views of London, but not keen on sitting in a little pod on the London Eye? Then head to Duck and Waffle.

Open 24/7, you can enjoy a cocktail, brunch, or even Christmas dinner from this fantastic restaurant.

This is the ideal place to watch a sunrise or sunset, from a nice comfy seat, with something delicious to eat or drink!

Trafalgar Square’s fourth plinth

If you’ve been to Trafalgar Square, you probably know about Nelson’s Column (you can’t exactly miss it), but did you know about the Fourth Plinth?

This plinth was built for a statue of William IV, but it ended up staying empty due to lack of funds.

Instead, since 1999, it has been home to commissioned artworks. From a giant blue cockerel, to a thumbs up gesture with a really long thumb, there’s sure to be something interesting to see if you visit Trafalgar Square.

Go for a drink in an old underground toilet

Yep – this bar is in a disused Victorian underground toilet. It is also a working distillery, and they distill their own spirits on site.

Using locally sourced ingredients, they serve up an enticing list of cocktails, and even homemade sausage rolls.

Definitely a must visit, so if this sounds like your cup of gin you can find this unique bar in Kentish Town.

Take a class at The School of Life

According to their website, “The School of Life is devoted to developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture.”

If you wish to expand your mind, you can attend lectures and events on psychology, philosophy, literature and the visual arts.

You can attend a two day intensive course to help you find a job you love, or a class on how to spend time alone. There are topics from learning how to worry less about money, to communicating more effectively, and there’s bound to be something for everybody.