There’s no hiding from the fact that living in London can be a little pricey. Not only is the average price of just about everything more expensive than across the rest of the UK, renting a room can take up a significant amount of your monthly income. there’s also the problem of transport.

Driving just isn’t viable for the majority of Londoners, so public transport becomes very important to the majority of residents

We all love to save a little here and there, but there’s a good chance that you are missing out on some great discounts and freebies that you didn’t even know existed.

To make sure that motherly paycheque stretches a little bit further, here’s the best discount cards to have in London.


Often overlooked for their usefulness, retail discount and points cards can really make a difference, especially if you happen to pop into the local Sainsbury’s or Tesco every night on the way home from work.

Tesco Clubcard

Tesco’s Clubcard is the most popular in the UK, with over 68% of the population owning one, and there’s good reason for it.

As you collect points from every purchase, you are rewarded every three months with Clubcard vouchers through the post. You can spend these vouchers in store, online or at the petrol pump.

There’s also Clubcard Boost, which gives you discounts with lots of Tesco’s partners, from family days out to travel, restaurants to home and garden products.

Nectar Card

A Nectar card is closely associated with Sainsbury’s, however, it can actually get you a lot more than a few quid off your next big shop.

Collect your points from the likes of eBay, Argos, Virgin Trains East Coast, Homebase and much more.

Because Nectar points continue to accumulate until you spend them, they can be a great backup stash which can come in handy around Christmas or birthdays when you need a little extra to spend.

Boots Advantage

Whether you spend a lot of money on cosmetics or just really enjoy their meal deals, a Boots Advantage card should be a staple part of anyone’s card collection.

For every £1 that you spend, you earn four Boots points, which are equivalent to 4p. While this might not seem like a great deal it can really add up, especially if it’s where you buy lots of birthday and Christmas presents.


Whether you can afford to shop in Waitrose regularly or not, it is still well worth having a myWaitrose card.

There are no points to collect as such, however, the card does qualify you for the chance to gain great discounts, win prizes and pick up free perks.

One of the best known and still brilliant perks is a free tea or coffee when you visit a store. You can’t really argue with that!


Annual Travel Cards

For the majority of people who work in London, public transport is a necessity, the only problem being that it can be pretty expensive.

There are big savings to be had, it just comes down to how you go about paying for Oyster or Travel Cards.

Take a look at this post from Money Saving Expert which shows the big differences in paying monthly and annually, as well as the best ways to approach annual payments.

Food, Drink & Entertainment Cards

LDN Card

The LDN card is one of the most versatile discount cards you’re likely to come across. From tourist attractions to restaurants and bars, shops to service providers, this card can get you almost anything for slightly less.

Its £30 annual fee will quickly be forgotten, especially if you love to eat out or are a sucker for vintage wares, with discounts from 5 to 20% in different locations.

It can also come in really handy if you are booking any events or gifts, with discounts on West End shows and hair salons among many other things.

Time Out Card

A very similar card is the Time Out Card. With discounts and two for one deals on London attractions, restaurants, gigs, West End shows, cinema tickets and more, it really is made for those of you who like treating yourself to a night on the town.

This card comes in at the slightly cheaper price of £24.50 and provides you with other great perks like tickets to preview screenings of the latest films and the chance to see secret acoustic gigs.

Gourmet Society

For the food obsessives, there’s the Gourmet Society. While other cards offer a range of discounts on restaurants, the majority of the places they list are independent establishments.

This card works with independent restaurants as well as many of the major chains, so if you love a Bella Italia before the cinema or some tapas at La Tasca on date night, this is the card for you.

The Gourmet Society card does come in at the more expensive end of the scale at £69.99, however, if you regularly eat out, it will soon pay for itself.

It recently added a new discount section which allows you to get 40% off cinema tickets in 300 different multiplexes and arthouse cinemas around the country. This is especially great if you aren’t someone who qualifies for Meerkat Movies.