Many people have roommates at some point in their lives especially after moving out of home or when they go off to college. In your time, you will meet different kinds of roommates who will impact on your life in one way or another. However, not all roommates are the best, and some can literally drive you crazy, so you need to know the different types of roommates so as to know how to deal with each one of them.

The Friendly One

This kind of roommate is perfect especially if you are a bit shy since they will make you feel very comfortable and want to know more about you. They will ask questions about what you like and will try as much as possible to accommodate you and your likes. This roommate is most probably very lively and brings joy to your life; you can’t even bring yourself to be mean to them.

The Comedian

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? A comedian roommate will always have you laughing your heart out about the tiniest of things. They work as a great picker upper since they will uplift your mood at any time of day or night. He or she is fun to be around and will make life a lot easier to live with her.

The Chef

There is nothing that beats having a roommate that loves to cook. This is because after an exhausting day no one likes to get into the kitchen and start whipping up a meal, so you will mostly end up ordering in. however, with this kind of roommate, you can be sure that there is always food in the house and they will always be ready to prepare a meal. This means less money spent on takeout so you can save up and get yourselves something nice.

The Talkative One

Some may see this as a bad roommate, but it’s actually the contrary. They are always talking about something and will always keep you aware of what’s going on. If you are not a very social person, then they are an asset since you will be able to keep up with the latest on every topic imaginable.

The Cleaner

They like to keep the house looking organised and very clean, and in most cases, they prefer doing the cleaning themselves as opposed to asking you to do it. This is a great thing if you are at times very lazy since you can be sure that your home, even your room remains tidy at all times.

The Ghost

This kind of roommate is hardly ever at home, you will probably see them a couple of times a week then they disappear, which is great since you have the whole house to yourself. It may sometimes seem like you’re living alone.

No matter the kind of roommate you have, it is best if you learn to live with them since it may teach you a thing or two about life. However, if it gets a bit too much and you can’t take it anymore, no one will blame you for leaving.

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