The glut of misinformation spread after the Brexit vote resulted in a plethora of apocalyptic predictions for the United Kingdom and all of its Europeans living here. These predictions of a long term economic collapse and the mass exodus of Europeans to the continent will continue to spread until people understand the following:


The UK needs immigrants more than immigrants need the UK. Our leaders and economists are those most conscious of this, therefore the notion that the UK will deport Europeans living here is absurd and practically impossible; the British economy relies upon them. A series of dramatic changes will obstruct the immigration process as we know it, but those changes, based on the fact above, are unlikely to affect those already resident. If anything, the British will adopt a mechanism similar to the Spanish, Europeans will have to register to the immigration system and live under what is refereed to as an NIE (Numero de Identificacion para Extranjeros.)


It is also likely that the British government will impose limitations upon and restrict benefits to immigrants that don’t contribute to, nor possess social security as they do in Spain where a minimum contribution of 360 days to the Social Security system must be made in order to be eligible for unemployment benefits. Those who do not contribute to the well-being of society, should and might be deported, for example those with criminal records or history; a change that should be seen as beneficial to all citizens, regardless of nationality.


The United Kingdom is the 5th largest economy in the World and the biggest in Europe. This acts as a limitation to changes, the British are obliged to continue trading freely, and should they cease to do so, they are inadvertently cutting millions of jobs both at home and abroad in the European Union. The unlikelihood of the halt to free trade is substantiated, for example, Spain and it’s economy exports 18200 million to the UK per annum, with a surplus of 5000 million, so the British could not afford to lose such a vital partner in trade, especially in a time of crisis. Regardless of threats made by Brussels bureaucrats, such a drastic situation will not arise, for Europe is not in a position to punish itself, especially its smaller components, in the name of Brexit and economic anglophobia.


Brexit has undeniably triggered damages to the global marketplace. From Eastern Markets, Japan, to the United States, the pressures imposed on big business, economies, and governments, those in the UK and the EU are forced to handle this amicably and with caution in order to avoid increased deficits and funds lost out of the pockets of big business. This is the only viable way to allow a subtle economic disruption that stimulates and favours friendly trade on a global scale.


The British economy will incur short term suffering. Every restructure provoke damages, whether it be within a family, a company, or political system. Equally, and more optimistically, we must remember that these alterations always generate opportunities. An autonomous Britain has the opportunity to modernize its economy and trade on a larger scale with new partners globally. This without a doubt, has the potential to brand the UK as “a paradise for trade,” in which companies and entrepreneurs can create, grow and expand themselves without bending to stringent regulations and bureaucracy sheltered under an even more stringent legal system. Simple and agile, the UK would maintain a distinct competitive advantage amongst its Western allies.


The four aforementioned pillars will define the follow up from Brexit. The uncertainty of the coming negotiations will establish what the detrimental damages to Britain will be until it recovers and Britain begins to operate autonomously outside the EU.


If you’re reading this article, you most probably reside in the UK, and if so, have dedicated part of your life as an asset to this country. Then, you too can confirm that the UK as a liberal economy is successful, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. Thus, I conclude by asking you how we can establish a swift solution to “the Brexit problem.” Hear the British bell ring through the ages as the Monarch proclaims, “Keep calm, and Carry On.”


Great Britain needs to re-invent itself. The European Union needs to re-invent titself. If entire nations can re-invent themselves, why can’t the Europeans living inside the UK? This is where the challenge reveals itself.