Location, location, location. The boroughs of London have many things to offer, from prestige, glitz and glamour to a great place to raise a family. As a bubbling pot of cultures and business, London has something to offer everyone who lives there. However, anyone who is has ever moved to London, or even thought of moving, is aware of just how expensive it is to rent rooms in London. Whether you’re moving for study or for work, cheap places in London can be tricky to work out. So we’ve done the tricky bit, all you need to do is pick one!


Bexley is a borough in Southeast London, a little over an hour away from Central London. The area is surrounded by green meadows and with a nature reserve close by, it is the perfect homey area to move into. The location also makes it perfect for someone who, whilst enjoys the hustle and bustle of Central London, would prefer to come home a quieter neighbourhood. Working professionals may also find it preferable to look at Bexley, as the transport links to London City Airport are convenient as it is not very far from the borough. Rooms in flat-shares in Bexley are priced at around £450 per calendar month, possibly including bills, a great price for a place to call home.

Waltham Forest

Waltham Forest is located in Northeast London, known to some as being near Walthamstow Central. The location is very convenient, being connected to Central London through the Victoria line on the tube as well as being located close to Stratford. Renters who choose to live closer to the Chingford side of Waltham Forest is also connected to Paddington station via a direct train. The Victoria line is one of the tube lines that has fewer stops and only takes 35 minutes from one end of the line to the other. This makes for quick access to many universities as well as the Victoria line stops at Euston, Kings Cross St Pancras and Warren Street, where many campuses are located. Students who do not mind travelling may find it preferable to buy a travelcard to cover their travels throughout London whilst saving on renting a room. A room in Waltham Forest would cost around £450 – £500 per calendar month, a great price for a flatshare that’s so convenient.


The London Borough of Havering is situated in East London connected through the District Line and TFL Rail. The town of Romford, one of the main towns in Havering is convenient to travel to, with direct trains going from Liverpool Street daily. The 15-minute commute is so convenient, especially when some journeys from Central London would take longer than that. Houses mostly dot the borough of Havering, and finding rooms to rent in the area would put one at around the £500 per calendar month mark.


Sutton covers an area in Southwest London, just next to Croydon. Though the borough makes up part of Greater London, the transport connections to Sutton are mostly via rail and bus. The borough geography depicts a homely family life, with greenery readily available and golf courses not too far throughout the area. The quiet nature of the area also makes it much safer than its neighbour Croydon and is an ideal place to move to if you’re looking for a cheap place to rent in London. Renting a room in Sutton would cost around £500-£600 per calendar month depending on area and amenities.

 Barking & Dagenham

This borough is situated close to Romford and Havering toward East London. The area is well connected by the London Overgound and the District and Hammersmith lines. The place is ideal for travellers or students as it’s just a stone’s throw away from the London Business University and the Docklands Campus of the University of East London. London City Airport is also close by (20 minute drive), so anyone returning or going on holiday would not have to venture far to fly out for a quick break. A room in a flatshare in this area could be found priced at around £500 per calendar month.


Bromley in Southeast London is very well connected, with buses going from Central London straight to Penge in the northern part of the borough. The borough covers a large area, with many rail stations situated throughout the area. Parks and golf courses are also a feature of this borough, giving the luxury of space as opposed to the usually cramped area of Central London. A room in London in this borough would cost around £500-£600 per calendar month.


This borough in Northeast London is easily accessible through the Piccadilly line or even the Great Northern train services. Students studying at Middlesex University may prefer to stay in Enfield, as there is a good commute to the campus and is a more affordable neighbourhood.  The Piccadilly line is also a commute that can take one straight to Holborn (for other university students), to Green Park or Hyde Park Corner (for many professionals) or even to Covent Garden and Knightsbridge (for the shopaholics). The location matches convenience with price and is priced at around £600 per calendar month for a room.


Moving to London with a family can be a hard task. Renting a flat or even a flatshare may be the most practical option if you are unsure where to settle down. Redbridge, a borough in East London, provides a great location for families to move to as the entire area is peppered with high-performing schools. Schools and shopping is available throughout the borough and the area is connected via the Central line. Should any students be living in the flatshare, or renting out a room, the Central line provides direct links to Holborn station, where many London universities are located. A room in this area may typically cost £600-£650 per calendar month.


Located in South London, Lewisham is a creative and diverse borough that anyone would want to live in. Connected on TFL via the DLR and the National Rail, Lewisham is close to many activities. Greenwich is not far from the borough and the DLR can take you straight to Bank or Tower Gateway. The location would also be ideal for students of Goldsmiths University of London as it’s a cheap place to stay in London that will not disrupt your morning commute to university. A room in Lewisham would cost around £600-£650 per calendar month.

Some boroughs in London may be preferable compared to other boroughs, depending on what your preferences are. Some people may prefer to be close to university whilst some may prefer a quieter area with more space. However, there still remains the universal understanding that if you can keep costs down, why not? Hopefully this list helps when flat hunting because it can often be difficult to know where to start. Location does not always have to come at the expense of cost.