Looking for a new flatshare can be exciting, but can also come with risks.

There are thousands of resources on the internet that bombard you with lists of things you need to do, but we’re here to explain the 5 most important steps to take and simplify the move-in process.

1. Making an inventory list

One of the most important things you can do when flatsharing is to do a thorough inventory on the day you move in. In fact, when you become a member of our community and move into one of our rooms, you should send this list to [email protected]

You should go through your room and make a list of the things included, and the condition they are in. In case someone before you damaged something, and it wasn’t noticed during an inspection, you can report it to have it fixed or replaced.

Pay attention to the doors, floors, windows, walls, as well as the furniture provided – beds, wardrobes, desks and chairs. Check and mark the condition of every feature, even if it’s not damaged.

2. Taking pictures

For extra security, you can also take pictures of items on the inventory list to add evidence in case of a damage not caused by your during your stay. After going through the property, making the inventory list and taking pictures, you should send them in an official e-mail for both sides to have.

3. Reporting damages

During your check-in and after doing a walk-through inventory list, if you notice any necessary repairs ask whoever is managing the flat to note them down and whether or not they agree to do these repairs. Being able not to fix anything when something is broken is one of the biggest perks of flatsharing. Make sure to take advantage of this privilege.

4. Understanding what you sign for

Ensure you understand the inventory and membership agreement – if you don’t then it is time to ask questions. Get a copy of both documents for your records.

5. Recording Gas & Electric meters

If your rental agreement includes a clause where you pay for the utilities, check and record all the meter readings on the day you move in.