Your flat mate can make your experience as you live in that flat or can really make you go through the worst you have ever imagined you can go through. You have probably been through the experience, or you have heard colleagues or friends share their experience. The overall experience of living with a flat mate will define very many things in your life including your happiness. Therefore, it is usually very important that you choose carefully the roommates. Here are the reasons why you need to choose a roommate wisely.

People Come from Different Cultural Backgrounds

Remember that even if you live in the same city or essentially the same flat, this does not mean your cultural beliefs will be the same. Therefore, it is important that you carefully choose a person with cultural practice you can cope with. Be ready to accept diversity when you choose to live with another person. This might mean that you adjust or you stick too living alone or better with someone you can stay with well. In some instances, you will find that someone will do things in a totally unexpected way. This is what causes many flatmates to break up, and each one goes to live separately. In other instances, it has led to fights and name calling. To live in a more harmonious way, you should choose who you live with carefully.

Will the Person Afford the Portion He/she Is Expected To?

Nothing can be more frustrating than living with a person who is not able to raise rent. In some instances, you might start very well, but as you live on, the person becomes unable to contribute what they are expected to contribute. This leads to separation, or you begin looking for a place to stay in the meantime as you try to raise money to rent your own room. It is important that the two of you disclose their income source before you begin the tenancy signup process. You will find that in some circumstances the job of a person you are living with might come to an end without any warning. There is importance that you have plans on what should happen in such instances.

Choose who you live with carefully

The absolute best way to avoid arguments with housemates is to choose who you’re going to be living with wisely. If you’ve lived together before, you should know where you stand but, if you haven’t lived with them before, be sure to get to know them as well as possible first. 

We spoke to Student HQ, who know the ins and outs of shared housing, who said: “If you’re careful about who you live with, you’re less likely to run into problems. Try to avoid living with party animals if you’re not that way inclined and, if you love to play your music at night or come home late, choose housemates who are into that, too.”

“On top of that, avoid living with couples at all costs… even a couple that seems like they’ll never break up! Breakups can happen, even at the most unexpected of times. To avoid tension in the household, if you’re considering living with a couple, reconsider.”

Can You Accept Living with the Roommate as He/she Is?

There are several factors that will apply here. Apart from culture and finances which might seem to be the main issues of concern to you, the way the person dresses, the way they talk and behave, should be agreeable to you. Otherwise, you will have a hell of a time living with this person. It is important that you study the person’s behaviour and identify whether he is anywhere near to what you expect. In several cases, you might find that he comes wee hours of the night whereas you don’t like disturbances. These are some things you might not be able to observe in the beginning, but they will show as you continue staying in the same flat.

When choosing a person to share a room/flat with, consider the above. In areas where you are not okay with the person, you should consider moving out but let him know in advance.