Hair in the bathroom sink, crumbs in the kitchen – cleanliness means different things to different people, so if you’re flat sharing in London you’re bound to come across some messy people.

Our survey revealed that 58% of London’s flatmates think they’re likely to fall out over cleanliness issues; so what can you do if you want to avoid arguing with the people you live with? The simple answer, ‘clean up after yourself’ may seem clear enough, but some people find this easier than others. If you grew up in a messy house, or your mum did all the cleaning for you, then tidying up after yourself might not come naturally.

Some people even claim they just don’t ‘see’ dirt in the same way that others do. So while dirty dishes stacked by the kitchen sink for days on end might infuriate you, your messy flatmate may barely notice them and then might conveniently forget they were his dishes in the first place! So if you want to live in domestic bliss with your new flatmates, it’s best to set some ground rules from the very beginning.

A cleaning rota is an excellent place to start, as that way everyone knows what’s expected of them; though you might run into some disagreements about how often cleaning is necessary. Getting people to stick to the rota though, can be a harder task – and no one wants to be the person constantly nagging others about their mess, or leaving passive-aggressive notes on the kitchen table. Setting up a Facebook or Whatsapp group can be a great way to ‘group shame’ people into better habits, as we all know texting someone is much easier than confronting them face-to-face! So whether you’re the cleanest person on earth, or don’t mind a bit of dirt, try and consider other people and realise that everyone’s standards are different. Respect and negotiation are key to domestic bliss!

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