It’s midnight, you’ve just got in from the pub and there’s nothing to eat: at least not in your part of the fridge. We’ve all been guilty of it at some point in our flatsharing lives, in fact 80% of the people we surveyed admitted taking their flatmates food at least once without asking. After all, when you’re a bit tipsy, nothing’s more tempting than someone else’s leftover takeaway.


So what should you do if you’ve committed the crime and chowed down on all of your housemates’ leftovers? The worst thing to do is hit and run, in other words, flee the scene of the crime and deny that you did it in the morning, especially if it’s only the two of you living there! The least you can do is leave an apologetic note, either promising to replace it when you’ve sobered up, or leaving some cash on the table.


After all, there’s nothing worse than expecting to wake up to last nights leftovers for breakfast, only to find they’ve mysteriously disappeared. By far the worst offender though, is the flatmate who is always taking a little bit of food here, and a little bit there, but never enough that you can call them out on it without the fear they’ll call you paranoid and deny all responsibility. But on the other hand, on a cold and windy night when you’re one ingredient short, it’s just much easier to reach into their cupboard and take it. Being a good flatmate though, means that you’ll replace what you’ve taken as soon as possible, and know better than to touch that meal that took them hours to cook, or the last bit of their favourite cake. Everyone gets peckish, and nothing tastes better than someone else’s food, so as long as you admit to it, replace it and don’t do it very often, a little bit of food theft hopefully won’t ruin your relationship!