If you live in a small flat, when someone has their partner staying on a regular basis, it can make a real difference.


In fact, 45% of the London flatmates we surveyed said they had an issue with their flatmates partners staying over. Not only does the queue for the bathroom get longer, you also have to put up with their constant kissing in the kitchen, and even their late-night arguments. Then sometimes, if your place is nicer than theirs, it can even feel as if they’ve moved themselves in; not only are their clothes in the washing machine, they’ve even acquired their own food cupboard!


While having a long-term partner over to stay shouldn’t really be an issue, it is polite to ask the first time, and at the very least make sure they are properly introduced to everyone. After all, bumping into a big, half-naked bloke that you don’t know on your way to the shower can be a little scary at the best of times! In today’s Tinder obsessed world though, you may have to accept that your flatmate might change partners on a regular basis, so you’ll have to get used to people coming and going. If having strangers in your house makes you uncomfortable though, do talk to your flatmate and perhaps suggest that they stay at their partners’ house until things get a bit more serious. After all, you’re the one paying the rent, not them!


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