If you’re in your early twenties but consider yourself mature for your age, sometimes living with flatmates in the same age group can cause problems.

Similarly, if you’re young-at-heart and living with people who are all in the process of coupling up and settling down, you might feel a bit lost.

Our tenants are mostly young professionals aged 18 to 35, so we decided to see how they feel when it comes to living with flatmates their age group.

For 60% of London flatmates, living with people in their own age group (that’s 2 or 3 years younger or older) is what they prefer to do.

Not only are you more likely to share similar life experiences if you live with people the same age as you, you’re also more likely to share similar interests and attitudes.

On the other hand, the other 40% of those we surveyed said they’d rather live with older flatmates because they believe they’re more mature and responsible. While this certainly isn’t true for all older people, it’s true that the majority tend to grow out of their wild partying ways, learn how to pay the flatsharing bills on time, and spend more nights chilling at home as they get older.

So whether you want to carry on partying into the night as you get older, or you’d rather settle down with a good book in your early twenties, choosing your flatmates based on age can sometimes be a wise move!