One thing that frustrates several male students and also their parents is finding a room to rent outside the college. In several instances, you will see a signpost written rooms to rent, but when you ask, you are told: “girls only”. This has left many wondering, and we decided to ask a number of landlords why they have the rule. In our minds, we saw this as an act of sexism especially after reading that some landlords have been looking for girls so as to rent their rooms for cheaper rates in return for sex favours. Here are some of the reasons that we gathered from the landlords we had a chance to speak to.

Boys Are Messy and Will Destroy Your Property

In several instances, we were meant to understand that landlords have had bad experiences after the boys have left the room. They are left to repair leaking pipes and fix broken doors. Generally, this is because boys will try to do anything while living in the room. They are known to be adventurous since when they are small children, and this is what makes them destroy the things that they are coming across as they walk around. On the other side, the girls are more gentle and don’t destroy the property they find. Therefore, this is the major issue that makes the landlords stop renting the house to the boys and consider the girls a priority.

Boys Behaviour of Creating Incidents like Fighting

Girls will fight and bite each other meaning the property will not be destroyed. However, the boys will get physical at each other and exchange blows while using all manner of items around them. Therefore, they will hurt each other, and your property is not spared either. In many cases, this not only affects those fighting, but also the other residents. This makes the residents move out due to persistently disturbing fights and getting physical among the boys.

Loud Music and Uncontrollable Behaviour Such as Alcoholism

When men hold a party, they will play loud music at the residential place without minding the others. This is likely to go on until morning and therefore by the time the party is ending, everyone has hurting ears including the neighbours who were not involved in the party in any way. If you study how girls will hold events, they will be orderly and less noisy than the boys. Further, the ladies events in most cases end before midnight. This leaves neighbours with ample time to sleep and rest. Such orderliness is what landlords want. With the boys, they will invite friends who will stay until morning just because there is a beautiful lady and they all want to wait until the time she wants to leave to win her.

These are some of the reasons why landlords will reserve their rooms to ladies and choose to ignore the male tenants. Luckily, there is more freedom in the renting market for the male population and you can find rooms to share with likeminded individuals on our rooms page.