London is expensive, we’re not going to lie about that.

But as we’re expecting a warmer weather in the weeks to come, and with London offering so many things to do, we have a little challenge for anyone visiting the city. And the challenge is: Visit 90 places in London without spending a single penny.
We’re going to list different groups of activities, places, landmarks and clubs you can visit and enjoy, but in the sometime not take you wallet out. Let’s begin:

Group One: Museums

Lots of museums are for free, you just have to know which ones. So let’s take a look at what the city can offer:

  1. The Natural History Museum has a free entrance. So, this is your chance to recreate Night at the Museum.

2. Museum of London will allow you to explore the history of the city.

3. Bank of England Museum. This museum is for anyone who rooted for The Big Short on this year’s BAFTA and Academy Awards.

4. Victoria and Albert Museum. It’s a unique era and every object exhibited in the museum has so much background story.

5. Museum of London Docklands. This museum will teach you the history of the river Thames. Sounds dull, I mean, It is a river. If always has and always will flow.

giphy (1)

6. William Morris Gallery . Explore the creations of the most notorious British designers.

7. Go to Greenwich to contemplate the Queen’s House and the National Maritime Museum.

And now for those who want to see a bit weirder things.

8. Visit the Grant Museum of Zoology.

9. Enjoy the rarities of the Horniman Museum.

10. We’ve done Night at the Museum. Now, it’s time to do The Mummy Returns. See the Egyptian mummies in the British Museum.


11. Enjoy the 400 exhibits (including a Spitfire and a Harrier Jet) at the Imperial War Museum (picture).

12. Observe the life-size dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park.

13. See how was the life of the poorest in the East End of London during the 1800s in the Ragged School Museum.

14. Now, for some reason there is a Anesthesia Museum, which traces the history of anesthesia from 1846 until today. Now, unless you are an anesthesiologist, we totally understand if you’d prefer to watch paint dry than visit this museum.

15. I assume we feel same for London Sewing Machine Museum, which lets you enjoy the old sewing machines.

16. Now here is something interesting. The Hunterian Museum has a fine collection of  creatures in jars and fascinating deformed skeletons. Do you find me weird I have a sudden urge to visit this place?

17. Now, here’s something unusually cool. Go to the Welcome Collection to see a lot of strange objects, such as an ancient mummy, Napoleon´s toothbrush and Darwin´s cane.

There is an interesting selection of museums, no doubt about that. Now, let’s look at the next group and see if we can find your next “penniless” destination.

Group Two: Parks

18. Relax in Wimbledon Common, where you will find ponds, a natural trail and a windmill.

19. Go over to Richmond Park.

20. Go for a walk in the Park Vista.

21. Don´t miss Bushy Park, home to 320 deer roaming freely.

giphy (2)

22. Go for a run in Hyde Park, which consists of 142 hectares.

23. Contemplate the statue of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens.

24. Observe the pelicans, fed every day at 14:30 in St. James Park. You can also find there waterfowls, owls, woodpeckers and bats. You can feed the famous park squirrels.

There we have 24 things to do in London without spending a penny. Watch our blog for the next part and even more breathtaking London locations.