Christmas is coming! That means we can forget about our worries, our work and problems until after the New Year! Well, try to at least. It’s the holiday break that everyone looks forward to, spend some time with loved ones, exchanging presents and having a good meal to top it all off. Sometimes, though, Christmas and the whole of winter can go topsy-turvy in a split moment. The winter months bring hard winds, freezing temperatures and often, snow. When things go wrong, it can be tough to get help in the winter season. People are busy and it can be tough to get to places if snow is causing a lot of problems. So here are a few checks to carry out on your own property before winter to have some peace of mind.

Radiator Check

Winter is cold; naturally you’d want to be able to snuggle up in the warmth and comfort of your own home. However, those radiators may not have been on the entire year and sometimes can have trapped air in them or perhaps because they haven’t been used in a while, they may have stopped working without you knowing. The chilly months are the worst when you come home to a cold house, so make sure to check all the radiators in the home!

Draft Check

Another check that’s beneficial to have would be to check any windows or doors for drafts. This may be a blessing when it comes to the summer months, but in winter, this can cause the price you pay for heating to skyrocket. Those little breezes in the flat letting warm air out will be the cause for that annoying draft of cold air somewhere. Permanent solutions are not always necessary; some people choose to block out the drafts with plush draft stoppers instead of fully sealing windows off. That way, the winter months can be warm and toasty and the summer months will be cool and breezy.

Boiler Check

A boiler problem is often a huge problem. Every year, most people usually are due to schedule a boiler check and doing it close to winter is probably the best time. This way, you avoid any major issues during the winter season, when you probably need your boiler the most. Boilers bursting are one of the biggest nightmares during winter as getting it fixed will take a very long time during the holiday season and living without a boiler is a big no-no.


Damp and mould is a problem all year round. It’s caused by lack of ventilation in the property, so moisture is unable to escape causing it to seep into the walls. Mould is sometimes easier to solve as you can make sure to always wipe away any mould that starts to form and keep the area in check. Damp is more difficult to tackle during the winter season, but making sure proper ventilation around your home is much easier than having to deal with damp around the house all through the winter months.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes might be obvious to some, but not having a quick solution to them can be a problem during winter when water is not flowing through. The trick is usually to thaw the pipes as quickly as possible, as frozen pipes can lead to bigger issues such as burst or broken pipes. Checking as early as possible to make sure all your pipes are working and there are no blockages or funny sounds coming from them will make any frozen pipe issue simpler to handle. Quick action and preparation is always the best way to tackle the issue and save money on having to deal with a burst pipe.

Falling Trees

Harsh winds, depending on where you live, can be a big issue. Winter is unpredictable and most of the time the weather in the United Kingdom is not the best. During winter, when trees are susceptible to falling due to the harsh conditions, is when the most damage can occur. A tree falling onto your property is the last thing anyone would want to deal with. Checking and handling any trees that may fall earlier in the seasons will save a lot of hassle. Prevention is usually better than cure, in this case, avoiding a disaster.

Property checks may be a bit of a chore, but they end up being so important every year. That being said, whilst checking on different aspects of your home for the typical issues is a great way to preventing any issues, it’s always best to be prepared for whatever comes your way during the cold winter months. Hot packs, candles and a box of matches are usually a great start to an emergency kit for surprise issues that crop up. All that preparation done, you can have a little safety net of calm whilst fully enjoying the winter season!