No one reads the small print, do they?

Well, apparently 30% of the flatsharers we surveyed don’t! Failing to read the lease agreement before you move into a new flat could land you in serious trouble further down the line though, both financially and legally.


If you don’t realize what you’re signing, you could be exposing yourself to hidden charges, especially if you break some rules you hadn’t realized you agreed to. Small print is small for a reason, sometimes landlords simply don’t want you to know what you’re signing, so it’s always best to read the flatshare contract carefully before signing on the dotted line.


Also, sometimes people can simply make administrative mistakes, and you might find yourself accidentally signing a flatshare contract for a year instead of 6 months, a contract that it then costs money to get out of. So even though it might be boring at the time, it can really pay to read your flatshare contract thoroughly before you sign up – otherwise, who knows what you’re agreeing to!


We, at London Fox, are always upfront with our flatshare contracts, so if you’re looking to flatshare in a place with great people and no hidden fees, book a room now!