Finding the ideal flatmate is virtually impossible. With a limited selection of flats that meet your criteria and budget, you are stripped from the luxury of choosing your own flatmate. As many as 70% of the people who live in shared accommodations across London have stated that after spending some time in their new housing, they have had the desire to change it.

However, that 70% is not formed entirely of individuals who have the need for change due to their flatmate’s bad habits or untidiness. Some people are just in the need of change simply because the flat is far from work, or is too expensive or too small or too big.

In most cases, if this is the situation, it might be easier to break up with your friend. However, if the problems lies with them, then It is not easy to sit down with the person you are living with and say “You’re just too messy” straight to their face.

So how to make this eye-to-eye confrontation easier?

Step 1: Forget It Is Personal

Your flatmate has tested your patience for the last time and you or he/she has to go! However, if you think on it on the personal level, and start remembering all the other, good experiences you may have had with them, this may become tricky. Try to strip it down to the level of two strangers doing business together; at the end the terms could not be arranged, and so the deal is off.


Step 2: Do It In Advance

Don’t be that flatmate that says that he’s leaving tomorrow morning; set a date, like the end of the month. Give the flatmate time to process the situation and look for another flatmate or another flat.

Step 3: Do It Sober

Please, for the love of God, do not talk to your flatmate about serious problems when drunk.  By the end of the conversation, it will be you who is out of line and needs to leave.

Step 4: Be Mature

If you’re an independent person living alone in London, it is assumed that you are mature enough to take matters in your own hands. The best thing to do is converse! Yes, it is simple as that.

This is some advice we can give. If you are already on the way down this road, please take your time and think your strategy right before making your move. At the end of the day, everyone wants to resolve issues politely and “separate” on friendly terms.