It’s easy to argue with your flatmates. So why not all sign up to an independent arbiter to settle your petty domestic squabbles? And what better referee than the cold, lifeless, uncompromising mind of a computerised mobile phone application.

1. IOU

Use IOU to manage debts between housemates. You can use the app to record and share what you and your housemates owe each other for rent and utilities, and even schedule repayments. Get it for iOS or Android.

2. HomeSlice

Share messages and keep track of bills and chores with HomeSlice, a clever app designed specifically for housemates. The app is easy to update and sends notifications to your housemates when something needs done, or when you’ve completed a household task. Available for iOS and Android.

3. Wunderlist

Use Wunderlist to share shopping and to-do lists with your housemates. Create multiple lists and send notifications when tasks have been completed so no one’s in the dark. Get it on iTunes or Play Store.

4. Chorma

Assign and claim household chores between your housemates, and notify everyone once they’re done. You can also set up individual and group rewards for completing tasks to make household chores a bit more fun. Only for iOS.

5. GroupMe

Synch your calendar with your flatmates’ so that when you pull in the club/want to lounge around naked/play World of Warcraft for hours, you can be certain you’ll have the flat to yourself. Available on iOS and Android.

6. WhiteNoise

Shut out noisy housemates and escape some shared-house stress with White Noise. The app is designed to relax you and help you fall asleep faster and deeper, so even if there’s a party upstairs, you’re ready for work the next morning. Relaxed flatmates make a happy flatshare. Get it for iOS and Android.