Are you interested in sharing your flat with a roommate or two and you do not know where to set your boundaries? Are you in search of guidelines, as to how to draw the line and how to make the most of your flatshare?

Well, it is true that sharing a flat can be fun. Really fun since you get to live with other people and learn more about them. You do not just sit there in loneliness; instead, you can enjoy cohabitation with other people and make the most of your everyday. And don’t forget that you share the expenses!

However, you need to keep in mind the fact that flatshare needs some ground rules. Let’s check out the details that will turn your flatshare into a truly awesome, fulfilling experience!

Survival Guide: How to Share Your Flat

First and foremost, you must pay attention to sharing. Although you will be able to share your flat, some things are off limits. For instance, it is critical that you always keep your own toiletries. Imagine someone else using your toothbrush or roll-on deodorant! You do not want that, so be firm from the beginning.

There should be boundaries as to what is considered common and what is private. A great way to live up to this need is to name the spaces of each flatmate. For example, at the refrigerator, you can separate the shelves and then act accordingly. The same applies to kitchen cabinets and drawers. In this way, you will be able to avoid all discomfort and misunderstanding.

Moving forward, you ought to create a cleaning plan. This is definitely one of the things creating tension in the flatshare. However, if you are well organised, you will be able to avoid that confusion. Just make sure to discuss with your flatmates and figure out what works for all. You can set up a plan, writing it down on a whiteboard. So everyone will have a clear vision as to what to do.

Apart from that, you should be able to compromise a little. You do not live alone, and therefore you cannot have everything 100% your way. Of course, this does not mean that you should be the one to always back down. Instead, you need to be ready to win some battles and lose some others.

This is why you should have thought very well, before discussing with the rest of the people living in the same flat. Think of solutions and make the most of your arguments, by trying to figure out how to reach a mutual agreement.

Bottom Line

Flatshare can be a truly amazing experience, assuming that you take everything into consideration well ahead. Rather than crying over spilt milk, you should focus on how to improve the situation and build the basis, on which to share your flat joyfully.