Picking the perfect flatshare is a tricky business.

What’s more important to you? A central location, close to work or uni? Or would you prefer to pay less rent, even though it means a longer commute? For others, excellent wifi and bills includes in the price are more important and can mean the difference between signing or not signing a contract.


For Londoners, location is the biggest selling point; with 44% of the people we surveyed telling us that they pick their flatshare for this very reason. Whether you want to live in buzzing, central Zone 1 or enjoy the peace and quiet of a more suburban pad in Zone 3, Londoners can pick between a wide variety of neighbourhoods to fit their specific needs.


Living in zone 1 though can be a much more expensive affair though, which is why 27% of those we surveyed told us they picked their flatshare based on the price of the rent. Although you might miss out on some of life’s little luxuries by picking a cheaper option, spending less on rent means you’ll have more money to go out, and that’s never a bad thing!


Whatever your incentive is, we at London Fox have you covered! Our 170+ flatshares in different parts from London and low prices are sure to fit everyone’s needs. Take a look here and join our community!