When it comes to being the perfect flatmate, women rule, or at least so our survey suggests! We discovered that 75% of female renters want to live with other women, and 50% of male renters do too. So why is this? Well, without resorting to gender stereotypes, it can certainly be argued that women are often much cleaner flatmates than their male counterparts. Plus, in our experience, they’re more likely to put in the effort to get to know their other flatmates, and try and make the flat a stylish and happy place to live.


Not that we think women are better or anything! In contrast, only 5% of female renters prefer to live with guys, while 30% of men prefer to live with other men, with 20% on either side stating that they don’t care about gender. It seems statistically then, that women are likely to find a flatshare more easily and that flatshares are often going to be divided along gender lines. In our experience though, a mix gender flat is often the best for all involved, as a balance of approaches often brings out the best in everyone.

That’s why the flatshares SplitRent offers tries to mix people of different genders, as well as professional and national backgrounds, so make sure to find your next exciting flatshare with us!

Gender preferences in a flatshare situation