Although nearly 9 million people live in London, it can still get lonely.

Whether you’ve just moved here from another country, or you’ve been living in the Capital for years, it’s very common to feel isolated and lonely, even when surrounded by crowds of people.  That’s why 77% of the flatsharers we surveyed told us they prefer to flatshare, not just because it’s more expensive to live alone, but because they want to avoid loneliness.

Having someone to come home to and share your day with is very important, even if you don’t spend any time with them outside your flat. Sure, they might steal your toothpaste and never buy toilet paper, but at least they ask you about work and make you a decent cup of tea every now and again!

So no matter how busy you are; pay attention to your flatmates and talk to them about their daily events, because we all need someone at the end of the day to listen to our good and bad experiences.

And if you’re looking for a good flatmate, then join the community and find your next flatshare today!