The London property market can be quite daunting to newcomers. If you’re thinking about starting your own flatshare, but are apprehensive about actually finding a place and/or the people you’ll live with, we are here to help.
FlatShare London
Our FlatShare Finder service does all the work for you. Not only do we save you all the time and energy of finding a property, we also save you a ton of money, because our talented, seasoned staff are veterans of the industry and can negotiate the very best prices possible on your behalf.
Best Price
We're very confident that we can find you better properties for lower prices than anyone else in the business.
Our staff know property, especially flats to rent in London, it’s our passion. Some have been veterans of the industry for over 30 years, so there’s no one better our there to help you find your perfect flat. Tell us the criteria of the flat you’re looking for and we’ll find it. We’ll then use our decades of experience to negotiate the lowest price on your behalf.
Nobody is going to be able to beat the price we can secure for you, we expect on average to pay as much as 20% under the market rate.
The Best Flatmates
Once you’re ready to fill your property with flatmates, we can help you get in contact with like-minded individuals with a high level of compatibility and who share similar requirements.
Not The Worst
Flatmates coming home in the middle of the night completely wasted, waking up the whole house, and you’ve got a big presentation at work tomorrow, or a final exam at university. You cannot afford to have this flatmate. You will not have this flatmate if you use the FlatShare Finder service to fill your flatshare with flatmates.
You’re up in the morning for that presentation, but the house is a complete mess. The bathroom floor is wet and the sink is clogged, making it take longer to get yourself ready. The kitchen surfaces piled high with dirty dishes, everything is sticky, how can you prepare your breakfast and lunch in this environment? You can’t afford to have a messy, negligent flatmate. You require considerate flatmates.
You need to use the FlatShare Finder service to ensure that your flatmates are only the most pleasant, considerate individuals possible.
Finding For You
We seek out the type of people who value cleanliness and who loathe inconsideration. A home full of thoughtful flatmates can make for a very pleasant atmosphere indeed. You’ll wake up in the morning for that exam having had a solid night’s sleep. The bathroom will be clean, allowing you to carry out your morning routine free from irritation. The kitchen will not be in an apocalyptic state, allowing you to make your morning tea or coffee and breakfast without having to work around piles of dishes or wipe down sticky surfaces beforehand. The result is you make it on time for your presentation, in good spirits, and crush it.
You cannot afford to have bad flatmates. It can be the difference between you getting that promotion or that 1st at university, and screwing up because you were late, ill-prepared and very irritated at your flatmates.
There are plenty of like-minded individuals seeking a room to rent in London, we want to help you find them.
There is always the possibility that flatmates won’t get along, that’s normal in any flatshare, but by using our FlatShare Finder service to find your new flatmates we’re very confident that we can mitigate this risk by providing only the most agreeable, pleasant people for your flatshare. Our team are very experienced in this regard and will help you find the perfect flatmates to share your home with.