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Are you looking to rent a room in London? If so, we welcome you to take a look at those available through ourselves at Split Rent, searching by your chosen location to find the perfect room in the perfect property. With thousands of available rooms to rent in London, spread across each and every borough, we’re confident you’ll find something which is perfect for you and your needs and requirements and that we’ll be able to connect you with your future roommate or landlord in a simple and efficient manner. You’ll find that each landlord or roommate offers their own perks and incentives including all-inclusive rent as well as amenities such as WiFi to make life in your new room as easy as possible for you. Did you know, we’ll even give you £25 to redeem against your booking when you find a room through Split Rent? We’re confident that no one else in London offers this, giving you yet another reason to book with us. When it comes to searching for a room to rent in London, whether that’s right in the heart of the city or further out, you’ll find thousands of options with Split Rent, many of which are only on offer through ourselves. Why look elsewhere when you can find the perfect room with us? We make it easy and straightforward to make a booking and we’ll connect you with your new landlord or roommate in a hassle-free manner, allowing you to sort the details and agree your move in date!