Frequently asked questions

+ Can you help find me a room?
With pleasure, that’s what SplitRent is here for! There’s a search box at the top of the home page, simply type in where you’d like to live and hit enter and we’ll show you all the available options in that area, and also the surrounding areas. See one you like? Click the Request a Booking button to get started!
+ I’ve got a spare room in my home, can I advertise it on SplitRent?
Absolutely you can! Just click on the “post an ad” link at the top of the home page.
+ How much does SplitRent charge?
It's free to create an account with SplitRent, search for rentals listed on our platform, and make booking requests.
Advertising rooms on SplitRent is also free. Our only charge is a commission on bookings, which we take from your PRO Account’s eWallet.
For advertising properties, there’s a flat rate of £50 per month.
+ How does the eWallet work?
Transfer funds into your eWallet and use them to make deposits on bookings, £25 per deposit. If you book a room, we deactivate the ad (so it can be reactivated when the room becomes available again) and take that deposit as our commission on the booking. If you choose to deactivate an ad for whatever reason, the booking deposit is credited back into your eWallet, so you can use it on a booking deposit for another ad.
At anytime you can request a refund of the contents of your eWallet, which will be processed within 10 days.
+ What are SplitRent Credits?
If you want to advertise rooms to rent on SplitRent you need to purchase SplitRent Credits, 1 per ad. Once a successful booking is made, the relevant ad is deactivated and 1 Credit is deducted from your account. You can post as many ads as you have Credits.
1 SplitRent Credit: £25 (£25 for a single booking)
5 SplitRent Credits: £100 (£20 per booking)
10SplitRent Credits: £150 (£15 per booking)
20 SplitRent Credits: £200 (£10 per booking)
50 SplitRent Credits: £300 (£6 per booking)

So, if you purchase 5 SplitRent Credits, you will be able to post 5 ads of rooms to rent on the Platform. Once someone requests a booking and you’ve accepted the request we will deactivate the ad and deduct 1 SplitRent Credit from your account, leaving you with 4 active ads and 4 remaining SplitRent Credits.
+ How does SplitRent Payments work?
We hold your payment to the landlord of your chosen room in escrow until you’ve moved in and confirmed with us that it is the room that was advertised on SplitRent. We then release payment to the landlord. There is no obligation to use this service; users can pay the landlord/agent directly, entirely at their own risk; SplitRent bears no responsibility for users who book rooms outside of the SplitRent Payments service.
For more information please see our SplitRent Payments page.
+ Does SplitRent make arrangements for me to move in to the room I’ve booked?
No, the landlord/agent of the property will contact you directly once they’ve accepted your booking request. You will then be able to finalise the specifics of your moving in date, and any other requirements you might have,with them.
+ Can I search for co-working spaces?
Sure! We have some truly exceptional co-working spaces listed on SplitRent. Clean, bright, vibrant, and in great locations all over London, check them out! Just type in your preferred location to see available options.
+ Can I list my property for sale on SplitRent?
SplitRent is for advertising rentals only.
+ How do you resolve disputes between tenants and landlords?
We do not get involved in disputes involving tenants and landlords unless the room is not as advertised and the tenant paid via SplitRent Payments. For more information please see our SplitRent Payments page.
+ I want to start my own flatshare but I don’t want any of the hassle, does SplitRent offer a service for me?
We sure do! Our FlatShare Finder service will find you the perfect flat and the perfect people to fill it. Please see our FlatShare Finder page for more details.