About Us

SplitRent is a ground breaking new platform for the shared accommodation industry. Here at SplitRent we’re passionate about flatshares, co-working spaces (we have some truly excellent co-working spaces available on the platform) and property rental in general. SplitRent is seeking to change the landscape of flatsharing in London by offering the best platform for professionals imaginable. We achieve this by operating an exclusive, invitation- only partnership with the most trusted operators in the business. By incorporating their expertise right from the start, we are shaping the SplitRent platform to fit their needs, be they landlords, flatshare operators, co-working space operators, or agents dealing in both.

Our mission is simple: to provide the best service imaginable, for both professionals and those seeking a room to rent in London.

We aspire to change the nature of flatsharing in London, striving to make it more affordable, more comfortable, safer and easier for all those seeking to flatshare. No more worrying about whom you’ll be living with either – we offer a service, FlatFinder, that can help match like-minded individuals who share similar requirements, which mitigates the risk of living with people whom you won’t get along with. FlatFinder can set up a new flatshare on your behalf, for more information on this service please see the FlatFinder page. !