How We Operate?

SplitRent is an online platform for people seeking a room, sharing friendly property or co-working space to rent in London. We have thousands of rooms and properties available to rent and hundreds of coworking spaces. SplitRent makes it safe and secure to rent a space by constantly making sure we do not host misleading or fake advertisements. We even have a secure booking and payment platform powered by Stripe to ensure you don't lose your money to dishonest advertisers when booking through SplitRent.

We take payments on behalf of landlords and agents, holding them in escrow until the tenant has moved in and confirmed that the property is as advertised. In this fashion, we ensure that our platform does not host fake or misleading advertisements whatsoever. When you book through us, you can rest assured your money will not be lost to dishonest advertisers.

Finding your perfect accommodation is completely free. However, when you've found your next home and decide to book through SplitRent, we only need a £200 reservation deposit to ensure landlords and agents only see serious booking requests for their space.

SplitRent also operates an additional service, FlatShare Finder, for those seeking to create and build their own flatshare. This service can acquire a property on your behalf and even find you suitable flatmates to live with. Please visit ourr FlatMates Finder page for more information about this service.

We invite all landlords, agents, flatshare- and co-working space operators to use SplitRent as their preferred platform for letting their available space in London. For more detailed information on how to advertise on the SplitRent platform, how to request a booking of a property that you’ve found on SplitRent, or how SplitRent Payments works, please visit our FAQ page.