How we operate

SplitRent is an online platform for people seeking a room, co-working space or property to rent in London. Our company is based in the United Kingdom with our HQ office located in central London.
We have thousands of rooms and properties available to rent and hundreds of co-working spaces.

We operate an exclusive, invitation-only partnership with professional flatshare operators, co-working space operators, landlords and agents, incorporating their expertise into the platform so we can deliver the best service imaginable. SplitRent Payments operates in conjunction with Stripe, Ltd., a US-based technology company.

We take payments on behalf of landlords and agents, holding them in escrow until the tenant has moved in and confirmed that the property was as advertised. In this fashion, we ensure that our platform hosts no fake or misleading advertisements whatsoever. SplitRent also operates an additional service, FlatShare Finder, for those seeking to create and build their own flatshare. This service can acquire a property on your behalf and even find you suitable flatmates to live with. Please visit the FlatShare Finder page for more information about this service.

For more detailed information on how to advertise on the SplitRent platform, how to request a booking of a property that you’ve found on SplitRent, or how SplitRent Payments works, please visit our FAQ page, or browse our additional help pages which can be located at the bottom of the page.