How We Operate?

SplitRent is here to make renting really easy. We try to keep it simple by choosing the best value and hottest flatshares in London from trusted landlords. We have hundreds of rooms and properties available to rent at the best prices.

Our renting process is safe and secure as we constantly make sure we do not host misleading or fake advertisements. We have a secure booking and payment platform powered by PayPal & Stripe to ensure you don't lose your money to dishonest landlords when booking through SplitRent.

We hold tenants move in funds (first rent & deposit) in escrow until they have moved in and confirmed that the property is as advertised. Only then we release the funds to landlord. In this fashion, we ensure that our platform does not host fake or misleading listings whatsoever. When you book through us, you can be rest assured your money will not be lost to dishonest landlords.

Through SplitRent you can find the hottest flatshare deals in London. Some of the verified listings stay live only for 72 hours, so hurry up! Make an offer, input card details & if the landlord accepts, it’s time to start packing!

SplitRent also operates an additional service, Flatmates Finder, for those seeking to create and build their own flatshare. This service can acquire a property on your behalf and even find you suitable flatmates to live with. Please visit our page for more information about this service.

We invite all landlords, flatshare and property operators to use SplitRent as preferred platform for letting their available space in London. With dedicated team of SplitRent Experts that create and manage your listing on your behalf, all you have to do is to contact our management team or submit your info through this link: i am a landlord.