What is SplitRent Payments?

SplitRent Payments is what you use to pay when booking a room through SplitRent. We take booking payments from tenants on behalf of landlords, holding the payment and releasing it only when the tenant confirmed their room or property is as advertised on our platform.

Processing time

It takes up to 10 business days for SplitRent to process all payments.

Payment methods

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
Please note that for cards issued in the EU there is a 1.4% service charge (2.9% for cards issued outside of the EU) + £0.20. The service charge will only be applicable to landlords

Processing time

If you arrive and discover that the room you’ve booked is not as advertised, you may get in contact with our Disputes Department [email protected], who will look into the matter. If we investigate and the room is as advertised, we will rule in the landlord’s favour, your booking will be cancelled and your booking deposit will be non-refundable. The booking deposit will be paid to the landlord, less a £25 administrative charge for handling your dispute. If, however, we receive evidence that your booked room is not as it was represented in the advertisement listed on SplitRent, you will be refunded your booking deposit and we will charge the landlord a £25 administrative charge out of their SplitRent wallet. When initiating a claim with our Disputes Department you will need to send us photo and/or video evidence of the condition of the room, clearly demonstrating how the advertisement misrepresented the property

What claims to we investigate?

We will only investigate reasonable claims. What do we mean by reasonable? Well, when you get a burger at a fast food restaurant you’re not expecting it to look exactly the way it does on the menu, and to dispute its authenticity on that basis would be unreasonable. We take a similar view when considering disputes. SplitRent’s Disputes Department does not get involved in disputes relating to the quality or legalities of the property. Our sole concern is the authenticity of the advertisement; if the advertisement in SplitRent's professional opinion accurately represents the room or property, we will rule in the landlord’s favour. We settle disputes entirely at our sole discretion