Looking for a more exciting cinema experience, a more comfortable seat or simply a more affordable means of catching a movie in The Capital?

Here are 12 of the best independent cinemas in London that all cinephiles will love.

Edible Cinema

Edible Cinema is a cinema with a delicious difference.

Located in King’s College, London, Edible Cinema shows a host of movies that allow for its patrons to intensify their viewing experience by incorporating into the viewing ‘mystery boxes’ containing a ‘bite sized tasting menu’ that is themed to fit the movie in question.

Electric Cinema

Electric Cinema is situated in trendy Notting Hill and is one of the oldest still working cinemas in the whole of England.

This is also a cinema that has taken on board complaints over how cramped and uncomfortable rows of fixed fold-out chairs are and has replaced them with everything from cosy arm chairs to gigantic mattress sized sofas.

BFI Southbank

BFI Southbank is, as the name suggests, to be found on London’s Southbank making it a great place to head in the summer and before or after a stroll along the Thames and bite to eat along the way.

As well as showing a catalogue of old classics and indie movies, BFI Southbank is also the ‘leading repertory cinema in the UK’ and home to annual London Film Festival.


Genesis is a cosy and indie London Cinema, bar and kitchen that occupies a renovated but atmospheric 19th century building and shows a diverse mix of blockbuster hits and independent films in its sofa filled 40 person Studio 5. Additional blankets and ottomans are available.

Hot Tub Cinema

The official Hot Tub Cinema formula is: ‘great films, amazing spaces, lots of hot tubs’ and that about sums up what those heading to this unique cinema can expect to find.

Singing, dressing up, dancing and partying definitely isn’t punished at London’s Hot Tub Cinema. Instead, it is heartily encouraged.

Arthouse Cinema

Crouch End’s quaint and quirky indie cinema house, the Arthouse Cinema champions and provides its guests with a fantastic mix of ‘film, fine art, live music, theatre, live streaming, dance & comedy’.

Open Air Theatre

London’s Open Air Theatre is an award winning outdoor ‘pop-up’ style cinema that appears in London’s Regent Park every summer.

Guests from all over London and beyond flock to the myriad of summer showings that air here, many opting to take picnic blankets, hampers and wine along with them. Don’t forget the sunscreen.


One of London’s only remaining multiplex cinema’s to still be opening its doors, ‘The Plex’ as it is locally and fondly known is also one of London’s least pricey cinemas, making it a great place to catch that latest release without it costing you a fortune.

Shortwave Cinema

Bermondsey Square’s Shortwave Cinema is a laid back cinema in which to kick back and catch a host of indie and art house screenings whilst enjoying a decent glass of wine at the weekend.

Kinema & Kocktails

Kinema & Kocktails is a truly unique and very well hidden independent London cinema that is tucked away in the cellar of an Aldwych bar and which specialises in showing black and white Chaplin and Keaton silent movies while live musicians provide musical accompaniments.

Boondocks Cinema Club

Boondocks Cinema Club is a London Cinema like no other.

Located below the Boondocks Restaurant, the cinema shows a diverse range of movies from rom-coms to family flicks.

Perhaps the best thing about Boondocks Cinema Club though is that entry is entirely free!

Stow Film Lounge

Waltham Forest’s only independent repertory cinema and very proud to be so, Stowe Film Lounge also actively encourages local film makers to air their own indie short movies ahead of its scheduled movies and in places of all those annoying ads cinephiles are forced to sit through at their local chain cinema.