Boy meets girl, boy meets boy, girl meets girl; it’s a tale as old as time, and falling for your new flatmate is pretty common. In fact, 43% of the people we surveyed told us they’d already had an affair with a flatmate, though 60% of them also believed that hooking up with a flatmate is a bad idea. And that’s the problem; while you may disapprove if two of your flatmates get together, if you’re the one doing it, it can seem the most sensible idea in the world!

While many couples that meet as flatmates go on to have long-lasting relationships or even get married, if things go wrong, your living situation can turn sour very quickly. There’s nothing worse than having to share a living space with someone whose heart you’ve broken, and if things don’t work out, you might find yourself having to look for somewhere else to live – that’s if you can get out of your contract. If not, you can expect a lot of awkward encounters in the kitchen and the prospect of having to meet their new partner further down the line.

It’s for reasons like this that 60% of those surveyed realize it’s not the best idea to get involved with someone you’re living with. In fact, it can be even harder if you’re the ‘other’ flatmate, caught in the middle and having to put up with your housemates flirting and kissing all over your pad. In the end though, there’s no stopping human nature, and when you put young, single people together it’s almost unavoidable; so if you must, please be aware of the consequences and keep kissing in communal areas to a minimum!

 Ultimately, if things go south, you can always find a new and affordable flatshare with Splitrent!

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