London is proud to be one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, a city made up of people from all corners of the globe, speaking hundreds of different languages.

It’s no wonder then that 60% of the people we surveyed told us they enjoy flatsharing with people of other nationalities. After all, what better way to learn another language, taste some new cuisine, or get an invite to another country, than by flatsharing with someone of a different nationality?

In fact, London is probably one of the best cities for meeting people from all over the world, without having to go travelling. Walk down any main street in the Capital and you’re bound to hear more than one language being spoken, and walk through any of London’s fruit and veg markets and you’ll see foods you’ve never even seen before.

That’s the beauty of London! So why not chat to your flatmates, and learn something about their culture, you never know, you might get a holiday out of it! Make the most of flatsharing with different people!