The usual time people look at renting for the first time is when moving out of a family home (for university or even just to set out on your own) or moving to a new city. Most of the time, we don’t even think about places to rent as part of a future plan. There’s always a dream home, but never a dream rented home.

Now, the easy part about renting is that you’re never alone. Whether you’re looking to rent out a space or to find a place to stay, there are hundreds of people in the exact same position. The problem usually is; where do you start?

There are thousands of websites available to put up an ad or to browse through ads but which do you choose? Do you start with an area or with a budget? Most of the time, you’d have some sort of idea of where you want to stay. Whether you like it or not, you’d also usually have a constraint on the budget you can afford as well. So you start sifting through websites to try and figure out which ad is legit and which ads are too good to be true.

flats currently under construction in a big city Trust – The Foundation of All Relationships

Depending on where you’re from, there are different kinds of approaches one might have to online rental. You may be extremely trusting and would happily book a room without even seeing it first, though I have to admit sometimes desperation can lead to the same end. Or you may be extremely paranoid and book viewings, bring friends, send locations to all members of your family and try not to get kidnapped.

Trust works the same way for rental platforms. If you have three strikes of dodgy tenants or landlords on the same website, that trust is gone. Often, we try not to think about the bad things that may happen. However, the moment someone asks for money, things change. Do you trust the ‘landlord’ in front of you when they say a deposit is necessary to book the room before you move in? Do you trust him when there is only one photo of the room online? Do you trust him when that photo online looks vastly different to the room you saw in person?

inside of a nice apartment in the heart of london


These might seem like extreme examples, you’re probably rolling your eyes thinking it will never happen to you because you’re so much smarter than that. The reality is, however, scams happen more often than you might think – especially in the flat rental industry.

So where do you start?

So the first step to renting, that seemed so easy in the beginning, can tend to be the most difficult step. Finding a trustworthy flatshare website or even a place where ads are not just posted up whenever but where there is some accountability can be a lot more confusing than one might imagine. Research is something most of us do not want to do, but can be so important when deciding even the first step to renting a flat or renting out a flat. So before even looking at rooms, look at the platform first. How does it function? Who’s accountable? Then maybe you’d feel a lot safer when you’re looking for the next place to call home.

At the end of the day, when your gut is telling you that a website is trustworthy because they know what they’re doing then it’s probably a wise choice to follow. As long as a platform has accountability, trust and can help you the whole way through you’re probably on the right track. Renting should be quick and easy without having to sacrifice your time and money.

At SplitRent, our stringent vetting processes ensure that we have only the best, safest agent available and the best part is, all rooms are real! Often you may find yourself calling for a flat in Oxford Circus for £1,000pcm and hear that the room is no longer available but a “similar room” 5 miles away has just become available for considerably more. Sound familiar? That’s what puts trust at the forefront of our mission. View available rooms today and make renting easy!