Moaning and groaning, noisy bedsprings and your flatmates new girlfriend who likes to scream: welcome to the world of flatsharing! 35% of flatsharers in London told us that they have a problem with hearing the sex noises of their flatmates – we assume the other 65% own industrial strength earplugs… While hearing your housemates having sex isn’t the most comfortable of experiences, especially if you’re single and don’t want to be, it is a fact of life, and something that you can easily tune out with some earplugs or loud music.


It’s important to see things from their perspective as well; firstly they probably aren’t aware that you can even hear them, and secondly, people ‘caught in the moment’ often don’t realise how loud they’re being! If the walls in your flat are really thin though, and your flatmate seems to be at it all night, every night (lucky them!) then it might be wise to have a little chat. If the thought of talking to your flatmate about sex terrifies you, why not send them a light-hearted email or text? Or if their partner is always coming round to your place, why not suggest they go to theirs a few nights a week so you can get a decent nights sleep? After all, sleeping with earplugs in isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world!


With the rise of Tinder and online dating, it’s now easier to meet people than ever, and let’s face it; no one is going to stop having sex anytime soon! So our advice is to buy some decent earplugs, crank up the volume on your speakers, or ideally, get revenge by making some loud sex noises of your own – preferably with another person!